The Eagle Cried ~ Vietnam Veterans Tribute We were treated like scum when we returned from doing out duty for our nation. Thank you to all of those that now show respect to all our soldiers.

Previous pinner...I took a solemn oath. And I'm an invisible female solider of the Vietnam era.

To Salute Our Veterans ~ Amazing Grace~(bagpipes) - YouTube

President Ronald Reagan: A Soldiers Pledge Listen Learn and Remember Patriots! God Bless America's Heroes!

Vietnam veteran

Thank you Vietnam Veterans for your service


US Navy Tribute - Hell Yeah (Music Video)

In The Arms Of An Angel-American Soldiers Tribute

I am a Veteran

We can Post pics of Flags, and quotes all day long.... but none have as much meaning as your best friend, and a brother to American Strong consoling his Marine brother - for their losses during their last deployment. All While he was not yet able to walk after an IED blast took one leg, and having to rebuild another - this here is the reality of what our HEROES are going through. thank you brother for your sacrifice. it will NEVER be forgotten...... #provestra



Vietnam Veterans


Once a veteran, always a veteran.


Vietnam Veterans Memorial- this is really awesome

Veterans Day_Women's Vietnam Veterans Memorial

Military Tribute Songs (playlist)

US Navy Vietnam veteran