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The Eagle Cried ~ Vietnam Veterans Tribute We were treated like scum when we returned from doing out duty for our nation. Thank you to all of those that now show respect to all our soldiers.

President Ronald Reagan: A Soldiers Pledge Listen Learn and Remember Patriots! God Bless America's Heroes!

My Daddy is a retired soldier in the Army. Even though he's not actively in the Army, he will always be my soldier, my hero. Once a soldier, always a soldier.. Once a hero, always a hero. I love you Daddy and everything you've given me and the world. Knowing it or not. -Army Brat. Alexis.

I will never leave a fallen comrade, dad I've been there I got this one.

Honoring Veterans on Veterans Day - Let's never forget all they've done, given, and sacrificed for our freedom.

Rangers Lead the Way The US Army Rangers are masters at teamwork creed_rgr2.jpg (612×792)