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This the short story of Jomo the monkey who discovered MHL and holds a presentation about his day with MHL. Enjoy!

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Joseph Morgan as Hades I know his a little bit skinny but have you seen at least one episode of The Originals?

have you ever seen Sonya off of Operation Repo? she's had every styled eyebrow on here except #1 #7 & #10 somebody please show her to at least do em like one of those three LOL!

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Tomo Emma and Jared. I've seen quite a lot of comments about Emma and how a lot of you think and call her a whore for "sleeping, screwing, or fucking (as you guys so eloquently put it) Jared. Have you ever thought that maybe they are a couple? Or were a couple? And maybe the reason they won't admit to it is because it hurts you all knowing he's with someone? It's not unheard of! I mean the guy is human not to mention gorgeous and she is pretty. I'm just saying. Take it easy on Emma. She…

For all the lovers of #TheVampireDiaries TV series and for all of those who have not seen it, check out some of its gorgeous GQ-esque men at Who do you prefer?

I have lived a lot longer than you, Marcellus. I have seen kings rise, and fall. If there is one thing I know to be true, it is that no matter how big your empire becomes, it is nothing, if you have no one to share it with.