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    #man and nature #photography #photo manipulation #hands

  • Simply Me

    The doctor looked at my hand. "What seems to be the problem?" "Well..." smoke started coming from my palm. "I can't create fire anymore."<< a story where everyone has a magical power and suddenly all the powers stop working

  • Judy Dunbar

    No smoking please!

  • April

    street fighter hands

  • Trina Caspersen

    The metal cube hovered above her hand until the side effects of gravity came into action. The strange man told her she can open her eyes. But this is certainly isn't what she was expecting.

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  • ✨Elizabeth Taylor✨

    Ira watched as Kyrock's hands began to smoke over, looking like clouds billowed over from his clenched hands. He shot his hands forward and Ira felt a cold blast of wind whip by her. She saw the air move and shift and a low muffled *boom* sounded. Her nerves prickled as she felt the gentle breeze swirl around her. Now it was her turn...

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Thomas Kelly; Smoking Sadhu, 2000; Pashupatinath, Kathmandu, Nepal #smoke

Not a smoking fan, but love the how the lipstick marks really glamorize these dirty, discarded cancer sticks.

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She went all up in smoke. Photograpy by Mehmet Ozgur.