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Hirofu Iso, When Night Falls, 2007

Iso Hirofu - Once Night Falls, 2007 (Fluorescent Lamp, chain, insects fly during night, varnish and paint)

Teresita Fernández

Art Gallery Installation: Night Writing by Teresita Fernández (enormous hanging sculpture, crafted from layers of translucent dyed polycarbonate)

숯 설치미술 - Google 검색

숯 설치미술 - Google 검색


Instalação "Frozen Time" / Dorell.Ghotmeh.Tane / Architects

Designed by Dorell.Tane / Architects in Basel,Switzerland with date Images by Takuji Shimmura.Tane / Architects recently completed their 'Frozen Time' Installation for a Japanese watch brand CITIZ.

www.joyce.com I Special Feature I Inside the World of Rick Owens -- the horizontal lighting creates a type of barrier, maybe between two worlds, or freedom, its very powerful especially with the smoke and actors walking through it. More

Rick Owens fashion show. Fashion is a key element of our pop up department store, which has its own fashion department showcasing a range of innovative fashion and tailoring brands. The design of MULTIPLEX is inspired by silhouettes and dramatic lighting.

Rainbow lights installed inside a railroad underpass built in the 1930's.

The nearby LightRails tunnel! American artist Bill FitzGibbons has sent us photos of a light sculpture he created called LightRails. It is located at the Street underpass in downtown Birmingham, Alabama and is composed of a computerized LED light system.

plastic bag installation by Lund School of Architecture

plastic bag installation by Lund School of Architecture - could do similar idea with our colour scheme

Sculpture from iron strings by David Oliveira So neat! Three Dimensional line drawings.

Feeling Wired

Beautiful beautiful 3 d life drawings in wire (iron strings) by Portuguese artist David Oliveira

As part of a promotional effort to promote a new line of lighting solutions, IKEA Portugal partnered with LIKE Architects to create this fun illuminated walkway in the Belém Cultural Centre in Portugal. The lamps are programmed to have oscillating intensities, with each light possessing a unique pattern that results in a sort of shimmering maze of bare lightbulbs.

[ENG] - ‘LEDscape’ is an installation which deals with light as a constructive element of space and landscape. It is located in the “Centro Cultural de Belém” in Lisbon and aims to introduce the every day user to the LEDARE light bulb, thus.

'The Weather Project' by Olafur Eliasson, Tate Modern, London

Olafur Eliasson The weather project, 2003 - Installation in Turbine Hall, Tate Modern (London)