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I find Darren Criss to be overly twee, but he cuts a good figure in a suit. More of this, please.

I sometimes wish I were a man just so I could wear outfits like this. I would be so dapper. On the flip side, I'm glad I get to be a preppy-granola-crunchy-hipster lesbian every day.

Yellow shoes, red sweater and bow tie on the MOST stylish man

Go Lightweight in Linen "Linen isn't geezer gear anymore! It's been modernized, internationalized, had the stuffiness sucked out of it. If this suit was built for anything, it was built for a big summer event like a wedding." —Jim Moore, GQ Creative Director Image courtesy of GQ Magazine. Photography by Kai Z Feng. Linen suit for beach wedding?

Darren Criss, Darren Criss.. Why?! Just...WHY?!

Make Your Business Suit Dance Remember, you make conference calls in that same gray suit. It can work here, too…but all the underpinnings have to project a seriously amped-up party vibe. A brash tie—and magically disappearing socks—is a good start. Image courtesy of GQ Magazine. Photographys by Kai Z Feng.

Darren Criss is just freakin' gorgeous and mega talented, but he's still such a sweet guy. He's an inspiration.

Darren Criss, Doctor Who impersonator? lol