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Actual zombies

Alice in Deadland: The Complete Trilogy by Mainak Dhar on StoryFinds - $1 Kindle box set deal - three books in one - fairy tales with dark twist

Apple Resolutions

Heheheh, I've always had trouble with active and passive. This actually helps xD


Without The Walking Dead nothing matters and everything is pointless, so I try and fill the void with memes

Homers Apple

Zombie Apocalypse checklist keychain... Like anyone is going to check it when they're being chased by zombies. Pfft.


Rick Grimes

Zombie Gingerbread - for Halloween with sugar cookies.

A world bitten by Apple...

Rescue balloon - awesome for backpacking. Re-pin courtesy of Glendon Lowder ( http://www.pinterest.com/glendonlowder/ )

DOKU: Think different!!! - Mythos Apple

The Walking Dead---the moment you thought Glenn was going to die...then he survives!!!!


This would actually be a neat idea for lawn decor. Fake hand in a pot with a zombie tag.

#apple vs #android

Warm Bodies. Ok so I really REALLY don't do zombies, but this... And I can't believe I'm saying this... wasn't actually to bad. I mean, it was kinda entertaining

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