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Tom Hiddleston and Chris Hemsworth | Thor and Loki in The Avengers (2012) | Behind the scenes ;)

Imagine it's Valentine's Day. You're sitting alone at home watching your favorite movie and having a cup of hot chocolate, wishing that there was a decent guy in the world who is not fictional. Then there's a knock at your door. You get up, open the door, and are greeted with Tom holding a bouquet of tulips and saying "Hello, darling, a little bird told me you were lonely today, so I thought I'd stop by. Happy Valentine's Day :) ehehe"

FINALLY! A reference photo for a sketch! Thank you, people who take photos on movie sets...I would not be able to draw Loki's outfits without you. (Now, where's the other one with his full armor...) LOKI'S FULL COSTUME

The Suit from Avengers. I've always thought that part of Tom Hiddleston's appeal is that he wears clothes very well. It's an old fashioned term, but applicable. He give the impression that the clothes he's wearing a part of him. No everyone can do that. He carried off the Loki costume like a second skin, and did the same with this suit from the Opera House scene.