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a child eating snowman

Make big snow lumps. Insert glow sticks for eyes. Freak the neighbors out. | Get all the glowsticks necklaces, LED toys, and glow sticks at https://www.festguru.com/go/glowsticks/

snow man.

Horror snowman

Hahahahahahahahaha !!!! New photo hounding fun

Snowman's best friend


Haha omg so funny


haha. nice.


That would scare me so bad!!! I am just imagining waking up in the middle of the night, looking out the window and seeing THAT.

This kid.

Ronnie’s mom’s note: | 9 Notes That Were Definitely 100% Written By These Children's Parents

9 Cute and Clever Snowmen | Mental Floss - Surprise! There are still public phone booths in some places. And when one rings, you are still bound to answer it. Even if you are a snowman.


snowman built around mailbox


Okay, now THIS is funny