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The Best Periodic Table Ever

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Giant Prehistoric Shark Tooth Washes Up On U.S. Beach

A huge tooth belonging to a shark that was THREE TIMES bigger than any shark living today has just washed up on a North Carolina beach. The six-inch long tooth is about as big as an adult hand and belonged to the Megalodon - a prehistoric shark that swam the waters 15 MILLION years ago. Denny Bland, who found the tooth on a beach in North Top Sail, said it “felt like winning the lottery”.

You have to try this refreshing South African drink

You have to try this refreshing South African drink.: Rock shandy cocktail

Creative. Seductive. Good to drink. These Wicked Watermelon Margaritas are meant for two. For more sexy aphrodisiac recipes, visit

Bringing Bitters Back

Bringing Bitters Back. did it for me with this one. This is a story about the revival of bitters IN YOUR HOME BAR! I tried making the orange bitters. They were bitter, really bitter.

Serious Coffee Drinkers: Starbucks's Latest Is What You've Been Waiting For

Starbucks may be best known for its sweet seasonal lattes and frappuccinos, but serious coffee drinkers may want to take note of the chain's latest beverage. Containing just frothy steamed milk and espresso — the latte macchiato is not a proprietary drink; rather, it's a variation on a caffè macchiato. Still confused on what makes a cafe latte different from an au lait? Check out this infographic.

A Very Explosive New Cocktail

Midnight Mary #3 Original ingredients for the Midnight Mary #3: 1 1/2 oz North Shore Aquavit 1/2 oz Benedictine (not B) 3/4 oz lime juice 1/4 oz galangal syrup 1/4 oz simple syrup 1 1/4 oz clarified tomato water Fresno chile bitters Nitrogen frozen basil foam Garnished with heirloom tomato and pigmy basil

Alchemy Bar Menu – Carnival’s Fun Ship 2.0

Subscribe to Cruise Radio News by Email The Alchemy Bar will be located on the Promenade deck and is all about the hand-crafted cocktail experience. Passengers will place their order on prescription pads and receive their elixir. Be sure to check out the whole Fun Ship 2.0 overview and fleet rollout schedule to find out when it …