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Check this BOOK: How to Do Telekinesis and Energy Work

Energy Retrieval: How to Call Your Energy Back

The essential practice of energy retrieval - learn to call your energy back in as little as 5 steps.

Elizabeth "Betsy" Braddock -Code Name-Psylocke. Mutant Abilities: Precognition, Telepathy,Telekinesis, Psychic katana, Psychic knife. Highly skilled martial artist

LIMITED TIME - FREE FOR KINDLE (and Kindle App is free) March 27, 2013 What Is Telekinesis? - A How To Telekinesis Guide For Beginners - Limited Edition eBook: Nicolas Holder: Kindle Store

Thymus Chakra is a powerful energy field also known as the higher heart. This gland is related to the immune system and has within it the patterning for your DNA, and your karmic design, including past life cell memory. The thymus chakra meanings relate to the feelings of Divine love, compassion, forgiveness and release of fear. The thymus chakra teachings are a vital part of any spiritual work - into knowing our true selves.

Reiki level I, II, and Master level attunement (gifted) ✨for anyone interested in trying Reiki✨ this a nice little attunement which also includes the violet flame energy for clearing ✨Theresa loves this -so it must be special✨ I liked it too and have been attuned many times - really nice energy. If you want, grab a book on Reiki for general tips and hand placement and you're all set to go ❤