HUGGA BUNCH dolls! I had so many of these! Always thought they red headed ones looked like Richard Simmons :P

Vintage My Little Pony Rainbow Moonstone.... For E. I prefer the classic my little ponies to the ones they sell now.

Hugga Bunch

Pepsi Free!

Hugga Bunch Movie!

Taco Bell Hug a Bunch

hugga bunch

remember those!

hugga bunch

Hugga Bunch

Remember the Hugga Bunch?

Hugga Bunch Doll

I still have mine

The Hugga Bunch

When doll strollers looked like this!

Rainbow Brite..... <3 Yep! We had this exact doll!

Precious Hugs - Hugga Bunch.

Fave Kid Stuff. Dressy Bessy.

You knew someone who had a My Child doll, but you always thought they were too creepy to own.

Anyone remember the hugga bunch dolls?

Hugga Bunch