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  • Julia Daggett

    so true #words to live by

  • Jenn V

    so true, stop over thinking things, stop thinking about what others want you to do, what others think, just do whats right for yourself and your family!

  • Jessica Copeland

    I have been working on not overthinking, must remember this quote.

  • Kajse Dorman

    so true story of my life

  • Alannah Diaz

    so true: don't over think thing : can ruin you: quotes and sayings

  • Rhonda Burns

    Love this quote. Totally me! And I've thought a lot about my overthinking lately (ridiculous!) seriously though. This is a good reminder.

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There is a fine line between perfecting and perfectionism. Use your gift, but always be good to yourself!!! ♥

Saving people is a really hard task - it won't always work. But what you can do is love them, make them feel special and let them know there's someone who cares about them and that their life is worth living.

It's good to keep this in mind each and every day!

I do 😝 people say I'm crazy and immature.. But I'm happier than them so they lose!

"This is so true. So many women in today's society are downtrodden, beaten physically, mentally & emotionally. We need to get into the Bible, God's word & remind ourselves & others we were made perfect in His sight...♥"

Top 28 Quotes Of The Week I have never thought highly of myself and always put others needs first..Now I now know my own worth since having a good look back at being the person everyone could trust and rely on. I am content with who I am.

You will get there when you are meant to get there and not one moment sooner. So relax, breathe, and be patient.

Worrying won't stop the bad stuff from happening it just stops you from enjoying the good.

I wish I remembered how to relax. I need to print this out and stick it to everything I own so I'm forced to see it a hundred times a day. ....

This is soooo true... When someone says, "I'm not supposed to tell you this, but..." I make a mental note not to tell them anything I don't want broadcasted.

"The best feelings in the world: Hot showers; the first bite of a meal when you are really hungry; tight hugs; crawling into bed after a long day; forehead kisses; waking up in the morning and actually feeling like you got enough sleep"