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  • Ninja Len Kagamine

    Muhahahahahahahaha!!!! // #Marvel #Comics #Thor #Loki #Disney #TheIncredibles

  • Abigale Kron

    Random Funny Pictures – 43 Pics. SOO FREAKING FUNNY!

  • ΚαyΙee Hill

    Loki and Thor | Loki knows the secret weakness of all superheroes: capes.

  • Helena S

    Oh Loki. I found out we wear capes for marching band the Incredibles was the first thing I thought off. This picture sums up my marching band worries perfectly

  • Louisa Johnson

    This was going through my head every time I saw Thor in the Avengers. NO CAPES.

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actually just get rid of the loki helmet xD or add all the bad guys i love because i love more than just loki!!!!

Odin is Kind Of a Terrible Father <-- Yeah . . . "Both of you were born to be kings --- Except you, Loki" D;

holy crap, I should have!! ----I knew but still like that it's finally hitting the net, so re-pinning. :) Plus who could've Not seen that mischievous look!!

WEAK. I AM SO WEAK!!!!!!!! I swear when I read the first line I automatically heard James voice in my head!!!!!!!

Twitter / Loki_Page: WUHAHAHAHA... Poor Loki! ...

They really need to make them a movie that tells us what happened in Budapest

Exactly how I felt. Still feel actually. But then I thought, if I ever met the Doctor, the first place I would go is SDCC 2013. But then I realized that I live in the parallel universe with Rose...

Oh Loki... Smile a bit more like that in the movies ah the weird head thing and then boom, you're actually kind of attractive!

Bahahahahaha!!!!!I'd carry one around in my pocket, put another on my bedside table, and the last I would put the last one in the TARDIS box I painted so it would be Loki in the TARDIS! :D