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easter basket for the man in your life.....awesome! I'll have to remember this one :)

Easter basket for the man in your life. I'll have to remember this one--- SO CUTE. I'll do soda instead. Great idea for any guy gift basket.

Easter Basket idea for dad/husband. I am pretty sure every gift I have ever given Clint involved food in some way.

Easter Basket idea for hubby. Can add lottery tickets, cashews,magazine,,beef jerky ect.

The beauty of a flick on your couch: plush seating, you can hit pause, no one is kicking the back of your seat, and the snacks are way cheaper. Get your guy's favorite movie treats, or theme your nibbles based on the movie. Shh! Silence your cell phones so you're not distracted.

Date Night in a bag idea! This idea is amazing, but the whole site is pure genius! How to date your spouse**

Toolbox gift basket is a great idea for a vehicle...Or as a guy garage starter kit. Everything you are always running out of and/or losing.

Toolbox gift basket - I LOVE non-traditional "Baskets" that go along with the theme of the gift! Great for your hubby's EASTER basket, a new homeowner, bride & groom couple's party, etc.

Easter basket for that man in your life!

Easter basket for the man in your life. Swap out the Bud Light Lime & Slim Jims, le duh

Party Favors

Cute idea for preteen/teen girl birthday party favors. Put a nail polish, clipper, emery board, etc in there!baby shower idea for the ladies OR part of a bridesmaid gift

This is not a plain balloon. Look at the graph carefully. There is money in the balloons. Good way to give money as gift.

Send a box full of balloons with notes/money inside each one. Won't weigh much to ship! Great for niece and nephew birthdays. Love this idea! Also fun care package idea for a soldier friend!

Glow sticks eggs- hide them, then turn out the lights to find them. I would be so egg~cited to go to the dance with you!

This is a fabulous idea! Put small glow sticks inside plastic eggs - then hide them in the house and turn off the lights for the hunt . or if you have good night time weather, have a night time Easter Egg Hunt outside!