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cheriskeepsakebox: miss-cherie:dreamcats:Check out, everybody!for my cat abstinences    THIS IS THE SWEETEST THING EVER

The fog comes on little cat feet. It sits looking over harbor and city on silent haunches and then moves on. Carl Sandburg

Relax, clear your mind and let my magic paws take away all the stress. Haha kittens doing OMT!!!

Prissy had ballerina feet even after she grew large and matronly. She was very affectionate and loved being held. I miss my Prissy-cat.

"Sweet Little Calico Kitten" This little girl is 1 of 2 little identical orphaned kittens. They were found hiding out in this farm office after their momma was run over.

... a black and white cat to call Panda or Piano Mitsy at 4 weeks. - Imgur

Oh my god. This has got to be the most beautiful cat I've ever seen. Check out his eyes!!!!!

He's got big shoes to fill! (My cat used to do this and I ended up with bunch of fluffy sandals...)...original quote found with pic. ------ Funny thing is --- ME TOO!! LOL