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Community Post: Kids And Their Pets

Puppies pray too! This picture makes me think of our dog, Sadie who does everything my little sister does and is so 'human' that she has to be tucked into bed before going to sleep at night. Lol.

Yorkies are so cute! I want a teacup Yorkie so bad! I love the Yorkies I have, BUT. Teacups are too cute for words.

this is sooo cute! I love basset hounds I had two may years ago, and I still miss their sweet ways.

'The reason a dog has so many friends is that he wags his tail instead of his tongue.' ~ Author Unknown | Man's Best Friend Quote | sleeping | comfort | beautiful | love |

You Aint Nothin but a Blue-Eyed Hound Dog~!!! Weimaraner #Puppy #Dog #Puppies #Dogs #Weimaraners

Despite his name, the Australian Shepherd originated in the western U.S., not Australia, around the time of the Gold Rush in the 1840s. Originally bred to herd livestock, he remains a working dog breed at heart; the Aussie, as he's nicknamed, is happiest when he has a job to do. He can be a wonderful family companion if his intelligence and energy are channeled into dog sports or activities.