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Good Night

Good Night

Cat going through military

Cat going through military

Everyone should have something to cuddle. Those noble men in the military could definitely use something warm and fluffy to hold on bad days.

8 adorable videos of baby animals taking baths | MNN - Mother Nature Network

8 adorable videos of baby animals taking baths

80 Seconds Of Precious Pug Puppies In A Tub this is sooooo adorable! you have to watch it!

Feeling like this now !!! Fuuuu... Or maybe not hmmm. Oh well..

Why Do Dogs and Cats “Scoot?” You may see your dog or cat scoot along the floor, dragging their behind. Read this article on our website for some reasons why your pet may do this, and what should be done if you see it.

I just startled the poor people around me laughing.

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