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  • Tiffany Rider

    Harry Potter Disney logo! Two of my favorite things combined :)

  • Gabby Martinov

    Harry Potter does a twist of the Disney castle.

  • Grace Boatman

    My two favorite things put together! Walt Disney World and Harry Potter!

  • Haley Forte

    I submit that Harry Potter taught me better life lessons than Disney. That being said...I love you, Walt. (As sad as it is, I agree. ^^^)

  • Tamara Totah

    THE MOST MAGICAL PLACE ON EARTH T-Shirt $12 Harry Potter tee at Once Upon a Tee

  • Alex Dalton

    Walt Disney Hogwarts

  • Elisa Vizoso

    Harry Potter Disney style

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I am not a Harry Potter fan, but I know the basic storylines and even I can appreciate this. Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Prankskaban…

"Harry Potter's Bookshelf." by Jane McElvany Coonce. I love it--but Harry wouldn't have Hogwarts, A History. Hermione would. :)

Harry Potter will always have my heart ♥

If Harry Potter were a Disney movie :) would be soooo kickass

Harry Potter as a Disney movie

HP - Always. I cried the first time I saw the promo posters with Hogwarts on fire. It broke my little Muggle heart.

its all that i love and all that i need at hogwarts, HOGWARTS...i think i'm goin back!

I'm Slytherclaw. This is 100% accurate. Some of my favourites: Call out your grammatical error on a Facebook post. Name their kids after a young adult fiction character. Write their own Cards Against Humanity deck. And....Take a BuzzFeed quiz over and over until they get the result that they want. Share that result. (so true)