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This was how I felt!! I totally thought we were gonna learn about what happened to Zuko's mom! So disappointed.

This is how I felt at the end of the series when they didn't tell us where Zuko's mom was

Back to my point on how little Korra enters the avatar state. Maybe its because there weren't as many episodes, or because spiritually she isn't as developed as Aang she didn't enter it as often but still...

The Tunnel of Love reference in Pokemon... Just watched this episode of Avatar the Last Airbender last week

I didn't think about it that way. Wow.- I've seen some stuff about this already, but this is probably the best summary of it I've seen

Everything changed. Lol I texted this to my friends, they were like AH SOO TRUE!!

I didn't know! This has changed everything.

This is true. Yeah I have like over 200 books and i have already read all of them 4-5 times

I can't be the only one who didn't understand the Korra Season 2 ending. I miss the Gaang :(

Remembering that Roku was Zuko's great-grandpa makes me against any kind of KorraXGeneral Iroh pairing...

I would just like to apologize to my future children because it is more than likely that I will be this mom.