Trish McEvoy Pink Planner

Trish McEvoy Ready-To-Wear Power of Makeup® Planner Collection (Limited Edition) available at #Nordstrom

If you've never tried Trish McEvoy's planner system to organize your makeup, you're missing out! This Trish McEvoy ‘Effortless Beauty Ready-To-Wear Makeup Planner Pretty’ Set is the perfect way to start.

Trish McEvoy '24-Hour' Eyeshadow & Eyeliner.

trish mcevoy travel brush set

Trish McEvoy Power of Brush® Collection Easy Glamour (Limited Edition) ($300.50 Value) available at #Nordstrom

Trish McEvoy 'Even Skin' Portable Foundation Refill available at #Nordstrom

Luxurious, travel makeup brushes--perfect for on-the-go!

#nsale Trish McEvoy Power of Makeup Planner Set

Trish McEvoy Brow Gel.

Trish McEvoy Ultimate Beauty Organizer (Nordstrom Exclusive)

Trish McEvoy Luxe Moisture Lip Balm.

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Bobbi Brown 'Long-Wear' Even Finish SPF 15 Foundation (Nordstrom Exclusive) #Nordstrom #AugustCatalog

Bobbi Brown 'City Twilight' Anniversary Set (Nordstrom Exclusive) ($148 Value) | Nordstrom

Trish McEvoy Power of Makeup Planner® Collection ($347 Value) available at Nordstrom.

Trish McEvoy Allover Body Bronzer.

Laura Mercier 'Signature Color Essentials' Travel Set (Nordstrom Exclusive) ($193 Value) | Nordstrom

Great for home, ideal to grab-and-go, Trish's set contains her Little Black Card® Effortless Beauty Palett. $68.00

NARS 'Love Rite' Anniversary Set (Nordstrom Exclusive) ($94 Value) available at #Nordstrom

Trish McEvoy's Power of Makeup Planner Collection is an exclusive edit of her essential basics!