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beautiful picture, and better yet, she has two different colored eyes like me :)

WOW! is right...what a great pic!! I love when you pin pics..i love looking at them, the different cultures, styles and how unique each individual is!!!

Samburu Lady Wamba, by Mario Gerth-i think only married ladies get to do this. yea Bky!

This is such a striking photograph. I have always had a fondness for the contrasted look of dark skin and light eyes. (By fondness I mean, weakness, by weakness, I mean in the knees. ;P )

Gansforever - zie link voor meer ... (of hier: gansforever.finea... en hier:

No idea who he is... I usually hate light eyes on guys, but he actually makes it look good.

Reflection photos are so cool if done right. And this one could not be any better. I love how the girl is positioned, her expression & how the photographer chose to edit the image.

Beautiful child, with dreads ... wide eyed with wonder ... ♥