Sophie Taeuber & Erika Taeuber in Kachina Costumes Made By Sophie 1922

Iwajla Klinke, "Die Bescherkinder" sind ein alter sorbischer Brauch. Von ihnen berührt zu werden, soll Glück bringen. Ohne Titel, Serie "Bescherkinder", 2010


Saul Steinberg Masquerade, 1961 fotografía de Inge Morath

Bulgarian ritual costumes

Triadic Ballet, Oskar Schlemmer (1922)

Saul Steinberg's nose

Oskar Schlemmer: "Triadisches Ballet" - Bauhaus

photo noir et blanc : Ashkan Honarvar


Hilarious and creepy idea: dressing up with a friend as a pair of eyeballs. - Vintage Halloween Costume Ideas

Kudos to 83 year old Japanese artist Yayoi Kusama.


i knew we were over dressed.

* Paper Faces (1968) - Michael Grater These children’s paper face masks are excerpts from one of the books by Michael Grater, entitled Paper Faces

in the privacy of ones home...funny surreal bathroom art photography

Studio Bertjan Pot

Hybrid I

Creative Costumes of Still-Practiced Pagan Rituals of Europe. Charles Fréger's "Wilder Mann" series. (via @Catherine Green )

Africa | Mask Ensemble of the Kuosi Society Member. Bamileke people, Cameroon | ca. 19th - 20th century | Fabric, monkey fur, glass beads, feathers, reeds, string, horsetail, ivory

Thousand faces cosmic ballet//