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Motherhood Ideas: 1. Movie Night: every Friday 2. Interviews: ask family questions, figure out goals 3. Lunch Dates: Once a month take child out of school lunch for a date 4. Mother's Day Letters: Write love letter to child each year 5. Clean Ten: When things get cluttered, say "clean 10" and everyone picks up 10 things 6. Late Nights: Each kid gets 1 night a week to stay up 15 mins later for 1 on 1 attention time 7. Happies and Sads: At dinner take turns saying best part of day and…

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kids clapping games; the oldies are all here! --can't have little girls and not know these. :)

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Things I will teach my kids

iMomfrom iMom

21 Creative Consequences

21 creative consequences . . . all I can say is that I'm glad my Mom wasn't on Pinterest when I was a child! some of these are really clever ideas

Passionate Penny Pincherfrom Passionate Penny Pincher

Clever Chore Cards & Toy Ransom Sheet

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Kubnick Kiddos

Clever Chore Cards & Toy Ransom Sheet - Passionate Penny Pincher

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200 ways to bless your child with a happy childhood. This list melted my heart!

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How to Build a Home That Boosts Self-Esteem-The single most important thing you can give your child!

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10 actions that kids learn from their parent's marriage. I love this list. If you don't repin this, at least read it. Need to remember for the future!

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Notes to make your kids day!...some of these made me tear up! Love this idea!

BonBon Breakfrom BonBon Break

20 Mommy-Daughter Dates: Older Daughter Edition

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Things To Do With An Older Daughter

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14 tips for Helping Children Strengthen Emotional Intelligence. Good reminder.

A Worthey Read!from A Worthey Read!

52 Ways to bond with your kids this year

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52 Things to Do With Your Kids This Year

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7 things not to say to your toddler and suggestions on what to say instead... I wish everyone who deals with a child at anytime would read this! When you tell a child "no", "stop that", "don't do that" all day... I would tune you out too!!!


Bully-proofing your kids -

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"Bully-proofing your kids - Starting when their son was 3, psychologist Tammy Hughes and her school psychologist husband started teaching him. At night, they'd say, "Tell me three good things that happened to you today." This helped him make the distinction between events and his feelings about them. Once he had that mastered, they added, "Tell me three good things that happened to someone else (lesson: the world includes me and other people, their feelings and actions)." Next they…

The House of Hendrixfrom The House of Hendrix

The Interrupt Rule

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The Interrupt Rule - How your child can show respect and honor to their elders through a simple rule. {the House of Hendrix}

The Stirfrom The Stir

18 Best Comebacks for When Your Kid Says 'I Hate You'

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18 Ways to Answer when a kid says I Hate You - I really like the 1st one!

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75 fun kid activities

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The Uh Oh Jar... Put some chores in there and when the kids are not behaving or being naughty.. have them pull out some work to do

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Rules for mothers with daughters.

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FINALLY! THIS IS WHAT I HAVE BEEN LOOKING FOR! You do not get paid for chores because it's an expected part of being a family. Allowance is teaching children how to manage money. I have started this with the kids, the chore list doesn't get money but the commission chart does! There are different chores on each.