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Along came a spider

Little Miss Muffet.I KNOW this is a bit cheeky, but let's face it, if a spider the size of a Buick was next to us, we'd lose it too!

LOL Spider-Begone - the most successful product ever, funded personally by Cabin Six

Spiders Hate Peppermint Oil Put some in a squirt bottle with water, spray your garage and all door frames, then watch the spiders run. That should be enough. (A tanker plane dropping its payload) time two and that'll do!

I'm not, really, but I can get behind this. Weeping Angels, on the other hand... don't blink.

My description, except it's not just kind of, I am scared of spiders, LOL

This is what I want to do every time I see a spider.

Helloo forget bout shooting elk iam a country girl who HATES spiders n il SHOOT SPIDERS nstead of yellin at my bro to cum kill it! Is ther such thing as a spider gun id wear it EVERYWERE? Hey Lee n Becca we all need spider killing pistols lol

haha ... spider dog

This is a riot, a dog costume that looks like a real HUGE Spider. Now to figure out how to make this great dog costume for our dogs!

Not only hairless but airbrushed perfectly taned and toned while sitting comfortably on the side of a bathtub... what about us who have to stand?!

Dear shaving commercials…

Funny pictures about Dear shaving commercials. Oh, and cool pics about Dear shaving commercials. Also, Dear shaving commercials.

The Ultimate "House Hunters" Drinking Game - BuzzFeed Mobile - doing this. This is my life. No wonder I drink so much!

The Ultimate "House Hunters" Drinking Game

This is fantastic! The Ultimate "House Hunters" Drinking Game- hilarious/ true. People would die of alcohol poisoning if they did this.

I'd have no problem using it! Imagine if this was on wifi at hotels and stuff...it'd be hilarious!

This would be great.

This new kind of captcha based on proper grammar would make the internet such a nice place. Think of all the stupid people who couldn't get on sites?

It really sad but it so true. Personaly, I couldn't give a shit what happend to Twinkies, even though I am American.

No more bacon motherfuckers. What matters most is not talked about people don't know or find out. crappy shit like twinkies are threatened with extinction and the world goes crazy.

Scott Disick

There is no denying it: Scott Disick is the best person on Keeping Up With the Kardashians. Sure, you've got the abrasive and funny Khloe Kardashian, the sarcastic Kourtney Kardashian, the controlling Kris Jenner, and the "I can't believe how long it