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My Modern Metfrom My Modern Met

Colorful Origami Butterflies Represent Stages of Dreams

hang colorful origami birds in your office

Shape mobile - patterns and shape each student create a string of patterned shapes to add to a group mobile hanging above their table group.

A while back I shared a tutorial on how to make a 3-D color wheel out of paper plates, which I found out from a reader comment, came from th...

#monochromatic #colortheory #art #middleschoolart #tint #shade Students used drafting tape to create interesting sections, chose a color and started to mix tints and shades.

WonderBrooksfrom WonderBrooks

Express Yourself- Paper Mask Sculptures

Paper sculpture techniques

Overhead transpariences/photocopier transpariencies, color with Sharpies, cut spirals, assemble, hang! 30 minute Chihuly inspired chandelier project from art educator Jackie Hwang/ #Mingei museum

start with black shapes - no touching - connect with lines - kids get one color - walk around and paint shapes - go over lines with black again for pop

warm/cool colors - I have to play with this - not sure how it was cut. Maybe cut each into thirds, then trim matching edges?

5th - Printing with color- colograph prints made by coloring the 'plate' with colored markers, spraying white paper with water and printing onto the wet paper. Clever!