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  • Gitte Daphne Lætgaard Tinning

    Josh Holloway from Lost. Oh my goodness. Male actor, cute, beard, steaming hot, sexy eyes, intense, strong image, long hair style, hot-hot-hot, eye candy, love him, portrait, photo b/w.

  • krazy jazz

    Sawyer! looks great with short hair

  • Starglow Nyy'xai

    Nyy'xai Josh Holloway Actor Joshua Lee "Josh" Holloway is an American actor and model, best known as James "Sawyer" Ford on the American television show Lost. Currently staring in the TV series "Intelligence." Wikipedia

  • Jenny Chamtings

    Josh Holloway from Lost. soft summer men

  • Kathy Butler

    Sawyer from "Lost". Great dimples :)

  • Tina Chambers

    Sawyer! I was trying to figure out a place to pin this at... I narrowed it down to The Sweets, I wish, I wish, God's beauty or... my favorite things... that one won! Sawyer is one of my favorite things! :-) I miss LOST!!

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Josh Holloway. Okay my Sweets, please know that most of us a suckers for dimples. If you don't have any when you smile don't fret. Pretty sure you have some somewhere on you. Am I right? xoxo Kimberly

Girls come on down by the fire and I'm going to sing you a little ditty.....Amber; he's mine and Stacey' were Team Jack!

Josh Holloway - - have I mentioned how crazy-hot he is???? Drool...

Seriously....I want to be lost on an island with this guy....

Josh Holloway, male actor, (Sawyer - Lost), sexy, hottie, eyecandy, too cute, beard, long hair style, portrait, photo

Josh Holloway as Sawyer (LOST)

Josh Holloway: God I love him ♥

A con man with a library card. Pretty dangerous stuff. Dangerous and delicious. Oh, Sawyer.