Catherine Parr's hair! The paper reads "Hair of Queen Catherine Parr, Last Consort of Henry, the night she dyed September 5th 1548"

A tooth and lock of hair taken from Queen Katherine Parr's coffin in 1792.

Henry VIII's Hawking Glove, Ashmolean Museum

But for one of his six spouses, marrying the king proved to be her greatest regret. A new exhibition about the life of Katherine Parr, Henry’s sixth and final wife, reveals how she felt obliged to marry the king against her “own will” and rekindled her romance with an old flame, possibly while Henry was still alive.

Victorian mourning jewelry made with human hair locks.

Queen Elizabeth I glove collection

Time travel will be invented in the year 2025. How do we know? Because that is the year that this delightful lady claimed to have traveled from. In the year 1898, according the contemporary reports, Alexandria Alexis appeared 'as if from nowhere' and took New York society by storm. Some fawned over her while others claimed she was insane. This debate was however rendered moot when, on New Year's Eve 1899, she simply disappeared...

All the Kings and Queens of England

Purse, 16th century: donated to British Museum and labeled "Given by Henry VIII to Anne Bullyne"

Tudor Manor House, Henry VIII : Gorgeous architecture

Henry VIII.'s Writing Desk

East Barsham Manor, once a haunt of Henry VIII, is for sale for the first time in decades.

Isabella of France - one of history's most famous femme fatales, Edward II's French queen famously overthrew her husband with the aid of her lover, Roger Mortimer, in 1326. After her son, Edward, wrested back power, Mortimer was executed, but Isabella was allowed to live.

♥ Anne Boleyn!

Princess daughter of Akhenaton and Queen Nefertiti Amarna Period. (18th Dynasty) She looks a lot like her mom, the "real" Queen Nefertiti.

Mary, Queen of Scots, death mask

Statue of Queen Nefretiri, Temple of Amen photo by Zangaki

Hair of Mary Tudor, Queen of France, clipped from her head at the opening of her tomb in 1784 encased in a locket. The famous Tudor red hair.

Newly-unveiled portrait of Henry VIII's grandmother, Margaret Beaufort

Abott's Queen Elizabeth - "ELIZABETH'S PROGRESS TO LONDON" - Wood Engraving - 1869

The 'Unsinkable' Molly Brown - She survived the #Titanic in lifeboat number 6 and earned her nickname because she took control of the boat, kept the women rowing for seven hours and gave her furs to keep others warm.