Aw. This is the front door to my quaint small town English cottage. I write childrens books here and have tea. I'm even nice to the elderly.

The English Country Cottage

My dream home.

Once upon a time... This is another Hugh Comstock built home. He built it for his daughter and it is across the street from the home he occupied. This house has seen many additions and "improvements". You can tell here it has a new shingle roof. Like his other homes, he built this with no plans.


The Gwyndolyn - This plan has been at the top of my favourite list for probably around six years now.

Ivy covered cottage

Lovely little Cottage!


Mug English Thatched Cottage And Garden English Bone China New

cottage garden

rose covered cottages...

Garden cottage

Homes such as this one take their inspiration from earlier cottages built by Hugh Comstock "The Builder Of Dreams". In 1924,he built his first cottage for his wife who made and sold " otsy-totsy" dolls. As their home filled up with dolls, Mayetta asked Hugh to build a house from which she could sell the dolls. Hugh was neither a builder nor an architect, but he loved to draw and tinker. He designed and built with Mayotta a whimsical little cottage, Gretel, on Torres near 6th, inspired by t...

Random tiny houses

Cuddle Me Cozy

Farmhouse Cottage



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