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cigar boxes made into a small cabinet

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Soda crates + cigar boxes + wooden spools

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This would be cute with the old coffee cans that don't have lids.......

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cigar box filled with match boxes

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Cool idea! Now I know what I can do with my Dad's old cigar boxes! I also get them free or really cheap from cigarette/cigar stores. Luv, luv, luv cigar boxes!!

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Isn't this cool? Made out of cigar boxes

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very very cool! I want a brush for my brushes!

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Bottle Chime - I have a bunch of small bottles from auctions...I hope to make this!

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Antique Singer Sewing Machine

An antique Singer treadle sewing machine base finds new life as a table with the addition of vintage yardsticks nailed to an oak top.

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Repurposed book cover chest {I really need to hit the library sale so that I can make a chest like this}

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Great old suitcases - start looking at estate and garage sales! beautiful

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Yardstick Stool. (or small table)

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Cigar boxes

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Old Chest Of Drawers Turned Into A Bookcase, LOVE

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...very pretty inspiration piece


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Window display box.

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Organizing your fabric.

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painted rock inspiration -I like to paint rocks and than put them back in nature for other people to find.

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i chose this because i know a lot of ppl who have stored away dressers that have no use and those people always happen to be looking for things to decorate the walls of a room. This is perfect, take the drawers from the stored away dresser and either create sort of shelves like this picture or slip them around and paint on the flat side for a painting sticking out of the wall