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University of Kansas

Smile :)



Sunflowers are one of my favorite

Baby Bulldog

English Bulldog Love


Meet Simba. He's a Leonberger. Fun fact: After the second world war, there were only 8 of these in the entire world. Every single Leonberger today can be traced back to these.

Tropical Rainbow Tutu Girls Birthday Tutu, Colorful Tutu Skirt, First Birthday Tutu, Clown Tutu Newborn, Infant, Toddler

A da Vinci quote referring to the artist's perspective of the world.

Andy Warhol Quote. I need to take some advice from Andy☺ " Be a good person."


Faith in humanity restored

If you love hard, don't apologize for your superpower.❤️


the Hulk A3 poster by MadeForHomeee on Etsy, $18.84 super hero room!

The 4 Avengers superhero Captain america Hulk by FashionArtStudio

The Incredible Hulk

Homeless man returns a diamond ring - WTF fun facts

I find this SO funny. Sean Glass Glass Glass Glass Glass Glass Turner might kill me if I did this to our child. LOL



friends with benefits.