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Sifus Tom Hamilton and Sandy Teenan with Grandmaster Samuel Kwok, Glasgow, Scotland, 2006

Samuel Kwok (right) and IP Ching (left), Son of IP Man. Grandmaster Ip Ching, born in 1936 is the youngest son of Ip Man.

Ip Chun, the son of legendary Wing Chun Kung Fu master Ip Man (Bruce Lee's initial teacher). Ip Chun is 86 and still teaches and spars several times a week. I hope to be at least half as alert, limber and active when I'm his age.

As a lifelong friend and training partner to Bruce Lee and a student of Yip Man, grandmaster William Cheung has spent years mastering all aspects of wing chun kung fu. He was inducted into the Black Belt Hall of Fame as the 1983 Kung Fu Artist of the Year. Visit to learn more! #blackbeltmagazine #martialarts #wingchun #kungfu #chinesemartialarts #wingchunkungfu #brucelee #yipman #ipman

Yip Man, master of Wing Chun Kung Fu and Bruce Lee's first instructor. Many aspects of Jeet Kune Do (Bruce Lee's martial art) are derived from the early teachings of Yip Man.