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Meet one of the world's top superfoods—the amazing açai berry.

Acai berries are loaded with fatty acids and antioxidants. They also taste like a cross between wine and chocolate. For a healthy boost to your diet, add a little acai. One of the perfect foods that help burn fat!

Health benefits of acai berries

The health benefits of acai berry and drinking acai berry juice. These berries are a superfood berry that have several benefits that include weight loss and anti-aging potentials!


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Acai berry is essentially the newest super food, and one that has received a great deal of press recently. It may not be the weight loss fruit that many people claimed it was, but acai berries are still rich in phytonutrients like the blueberry, and the a

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Mixed Berries like Strawberries, raspberries, blackberries + blueberries: LOW in calories + HIGH in water + FIBER = packed w/ANTIOXIDANTS that fight free radicals + may even help protect against skin cancer.

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