another great word work activity...... Things you need - Gallon size Ziploc bag, glitter (optional), food coloring, hair gel (dollar store)

Goo bags - recipe for goo. I've had it suggested to use an entire bottle of dollar store hair gel, but this is probably just as inexpensive, and you can make whatever VIBRANT colours you want.

Sensory bags made with hair gel from the dollar tree. Lots of ideas in this post.

Writing Love this! Writing practice bag - Dollar store hair gel, food coloring, optional glitter + gallon sized Ziploc bag --

A recipe for super stretchy glitter slime that looks just like the ocean! Swirls of sensory and pretend play fun from Twodaloo.

add images to your gel bags

Practice Spelling Words

Cars + markers. I know a few children who would love this ... and it'd get them mark making at the same time!

How to make slime - Simple two ingredient, no cook recipe that lasts for months and months!

P is for Preschool

This looks like a fun one! "Squishy Bags"

ziploc bag + dollar store hair gel + q-tip = word fun. Such a neat way to practice spelling!

Sight Word Make-It Station

The children will create shapes using popsicle sticks. (The objects stay together by using velcro).

Sensory Play with a Funnels and Tubes Pegboard. What a fun Invitation to Play!

Raining Rainbows

hair gel and food coloring acquariums

Coloured pasta for #KidCraft - pasta, food colouring and 2 squirts of hand santiser (with alcohol) per medium ziplock bag of pasta

Ocean in a bag

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Marshmallow catapult...pretty stinkin' fun.