1955. California by Elliott Erwitt

quite a kiss

Your arms are just like a security blanket. They shield me when danger is present. They love me when tenderness is needed. They hold me when l need your strength. They hug me when l need your love & affection. Your arms…….mean more to me than u could ever imagine. Love u sweetie ..rxox


“Our eyelashes brushed like they would weave together by themselves, turning us into one wild thing. I say, “I think I missed you before I met you even.”

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this is a precious baby/family picture

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(Open rp. I'm the girl.) i gasp as I feel my stomach leave me as I fall. I watch him jump after me from the plane. Diving down to wrap me in his arms. This is it I think. This is when I die. But I didn't know about his wings. And either did our enemies.

This takes my breath away. By Gianfranco Meloni

young love <3


This would make a great wedding or engagement photo

DONE! Although it's nothing special, not romantic, and didn't feel like I was kissing someone. #bucketlist

I swear this is close to the picture that guys have in their heads when they hear a girl is a gymnast

over 100 ideas to keep the #romance alive in your #marriage or #relationship <3

our first little road trip together was kinda like this and i couldnt stop staring at you in the drivers seat, i was so content with being stuck in the car with you i kinda wished you didnt drive so fast so it would last longer <3...the "detour" we took was my favorite part.


drop everything now. kiss me the pouring rain. meet on the sidewalk. take a way the pain.