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National Compliment Day. A give back day for Nicholls Students hosted in the Student Union every year. The Kappa Alpha chapter distributes cookies and compliments.

for national compliment day!

How do you manage your time compared to other college students?

Affirmation stones. Make your own with Infinity Permanent Markers.


Digital Footprint-RA passive bulletin: gets residents thinking about their activities online!

sorority collection at dogeared. my sisters would love these!

Keep Calm, I know Student Development Theory...I bet Danielle would love this :D

Well, here ya have it folks. The College Student’s Affair with Smartphones. This just proves how much communication has changed from being less face-to-face and more electronically via SMS. Smart phones win. #apsucommchat

Carpooling: it's not just for elementary students anymore. What if we all committed to carpooling? Less carbon footprint, less gas $$$, less traffic, less commute time, & more time to build relationships! It's a win on all the books.

Figuring out how to encourage teamwork in school is something every administrator, teacher and student should know how to do.

"Owen Glidersleeve You'l" on Designspiration

Note to self: make sure that goals are actually attainable! (I'm terrible about thinking I can accomplish 42 chores and errands and still be a happy camper to be around!)

Compliment Day cards from Curious & Company (with mini cards to be shared)

these are the years ♥

Not four years, but for life!

Ringing in the new bids - a New Year's style celebration!



great DIY