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make new crayons on a elec. skillet. good idea for all those broken crayons I cleaned out of the closet at work!!

Use a griddle, set on the lowest WARM setting, so it is not hot just warm to the touch. Then draw with crayons to created melted crayon art.

DIY Melting Crayon art. Looove the blue one! So cute!

yarn bombing for the home, perhaps? I don't know how to knit but love the yarn bombing. I'm thinking about buying some yarn and letting the girls wrap the trees in the front yard. Should have the same effect right?

Place milk in shallow dish- add drops of food coloring. Now grab a *magic* toothpick. What? You don’t know where to buy magic toothpicks?? Just dip the end in dish soap & touch the milk with it. Colors instantly shoot out at lightning speed creating a wake of rainbows! Try dipping the toothpick in the color first and then the milk and you’ll make rings. Do not drink the milk ;)

Fun for a rainy day: use Christmas lights, a sheet, and chairs to create this tunnel.

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Melt down broken crayons in a film canister or prescription bottle to make new, giant, awesome crayons.

From I love my Messy Room, looks like a cool store, and a great book