RIT dye for dyeing clothespins.

DIY - Dyed Clothespins - RIT Dye Tutorial.. For color coded organizing in the home. I say.. YES!

I wonder if I could do these? Perhaps there are stickers I could put over painted clothespins and then modge podge?

DIY Clothespin Rocking Chair DIY Clothespin Rocking Chair

18 Craft Stick Crafts

fun encouragement for teachers during conferences, programs and end of year! (also for kids studying for finals! :)

Craft Fair idea - peg fridge magnets Stampin Up Demonstrator UK - like the packaging

Add a chalkboard label to your serveware to write out a merry message or label your sweet treats! The best part? The tape peels right off when you're done!

dyed and decoupaged clothespins

Wooden twine and burlap frame by TheGreenGiftCompany on Etsy, $20.00


Neat Idea! Write on the jar using a glue gun, once dry - spray paint in your choice of color!! Bam! Cool decoration!

Dollar store frames are perfect for making window art with glue and food coloring.

Pallet chair for your cell phone made from popsicle sticks.

Fancy Up Your Sterlite Drawers.

What you will need: white paper with letters printed out OR White paper with alphabet stickers placed on top: 0-$2.00 2 bags smooth round glass stones- Dollar Tree- $2.00 26 Magnets optional: $3.50- $6.00 other items e6000 glue mod podge scissors

Use these clever clothespins for your next laundry hack. For more tips, visit @BrightNest Blog

Love these popsicle stick name easels.

Super easy homemade crayons for kids. Make these in a variety of shapes and colors. Fun gift idea or party favor!

love gift tag

In My Blue Room: Popsicle Stick Notebook with The Twinery and Poppy... Lou sez, love the notebook and the popsicle sticks look just like a picket fence to me. I'd give it a little more white wash and a floral border at the bottom and.....