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    To be more specific: REAL trucks. Not "I am compensating for something anatomically" or "I am proud to be a wannabe man!!" truck. And REAL cowboy boots. Ones that have seen mud and such

  • Ashley Plato

    Cowboy boots and big trucks ! Any country girls weakness. (:

  • Katie Eckert

    I am a sucker for cowboy boots, and big trucks :/ True Story...

  • Jordin Reed

    Country life.

  • Brooklyn Wilson

    cowgirls boots quotes on pintrest | Sucker for cowboy boots and big trucks

  • Hayley

    I think I've secretly always wanted to be a southern girl. Cowboy boots, country music, warm smiles. :)

  • Kristy Rucker

    I do love cowboy boots and a country boy driving a big truck...

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