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Without healthy fuel, your brain can't do healthy things.

THIS. YES. When it comes to recovery from ANYTHING-- anxiety, depression, eating disorders, addictions-- changing your behaviour is key. If you continue to behave in a way that appeases your distorted thoughts, you'll continue to struggle with your mental illness. #recovery #inspiration

Learn about your brain. Work together. Change together.

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The clear skin diet: so true! when i drink more water, eat more foods with protein/fats and less sugars to fill me up -my skin gets better.

powerful diagram re: how stress affects body.

Physical health and mental health are chronic. There is no end destination. They’re roads you walk, and you’re always taking a step forward or a step backwards. Focus on the steps. Commit to a life long journey.

Everybody has varying levels of improvable mental health. Don't wait for an illness before you take your mental health seriously.

Fear of stigma is just part of the illness. Be open about your mental health.

Mental illness hates openness. So put it out in the open.

We all have varying levels of improvable mental health we need to take care of.