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Archaeologist claims evidence of Noah’s biblical flood

First he found the Titanic -- will he find the only ship more famous? Robert Ballard, the underwater archaeologist famed for discovering the wreck of the Titanic in 1985, claims to have found evidence of the biblical flood that Noah fled, surfing the waters for 40 days and 40 nights, according to Genesis. He says the Black Sea was once merely a freshwater lake -- until an enormous wall of water from the Mediterranean 200 times more powerful than Niagara Falls swept it and everything else…

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Bible Accounts Supported by Dead Sea Disaster Record?

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The Gay Bible

The Gay Bible? There's a gay-friendly version of the King James edition dubbed “Queen James Bible.” The new interpretation of the Bible is meant to address homosexuality by updating specific passages from the previous version.

Experts stumped by ancient Jerusalem markings; nothing has been discovered that suggests what they are or who made them.

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Religious Americans Just as Tech-Savvy as Others

There may be preconceptions that faithful Americans skew older in age and are traditionally set in their ways, but according to a new study, religious Americans embrace technology just as much as those who are less religious.

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Digital Bible Reaches 100 Million Listeners

Been using this app for over 2 years now :-) bestone out there!! The Digital Bible Platform is a free service that allows users access to digital recordings of the Bible in hundreds of languages.


My Take: Kim Jong Il and the danger of deifying leaders

There are no atheists in dictatorships. The death of North Korea’s “Dear Leader” Kim Jong Il underlies a basic fact of earthly politics: when a political regime denies any transcendent supernatural reality, it deifies itself.


My Take: How Thomas Jefferson’s secret Bible might have changed history

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Forgotten religious relic rediscovered in New York

Forgotten religious relic rediscovered in New York: A rare religious relic, an intricate starburst tapestry, was recently rediscovered after being hidden for more than a century. Read more: