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Patrick Stewart - soliloquy on the letter B.

Hurray for English!

The Fellowship of the Ring

That awkward moment when President Snow was Johanna’s dad in Pride & Prejudice.

Alan Moore

Star Trek

Star Trek cast and director goofing off.

Why the hell did he create Saturn? This planet drives some people completely insane! It also breeds extremely reckless batshit crazy geniuses. But yeah he better put a ring on it to warn us lol.

Aw crap.

Vlog Brothers John Green and Hank Green on famous athletes and Harry Potter. They speak truth...

Mr. Bean makes a lot of arguments invalid.

(gif set) Neil Patrick Harris & Nathan Fillion in Doctor's Office (THIS IS AMAZING)

Mr. Collins and Lydia from the Lizzie Bennet Diaries

That was when I realized just how amazing an actress Helena Bonham Carter was.

How I Met...Dr. Horrible

Phineas and Ferb meets Mythbusters. Funny and completely accurate!


evanna lynch, 11, was let out of the hospital for an hour to get her signed copy of harry potter. jk rowling said that if she beat anorexia she could play luna, and she did.