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This is my all time favourite salad. I looooove potato salad. I could quite happily eat this every single night all through summer with grilled c

Earlier today I posted my Caramel Condensed Milk on my Facebook page. I hinted that I was turning it into something. This is it. My Chocolate Car

These are my fave brownies. They are very decadent so aren't a regular here. I normally make these as a dessert when guests come over and serve with homemade va

I posted my Jelly Cheesecake a few weeks back which was a huge hit. Here is a Jelly Slice recipe that is similar but doesn’t contain cream cheese in

Since starting this page 5 months ago, I have made some lovely new friends who I will continue to chat with. laugh with and share recipes with long after this p

These are very similar to LCM bars you buy in store but a billion times cheaper. A week or two ago I shared my little scrapbooks with you that ha

I've spent most of the week with a cold. Not fun at all in summer! I can't stand the smell of store bought vapour rubs. I think it brings up too many memories

Does anyone know Jupiter Bars? They are a yummy chewy caramel peanut bar that I'm addicted to when I can find them. These are quite similar. I'm going

Originally posted to our Facebook page 16th November 2013. Another Christmas gift idea. I'm a sucker for cookies and cream anything!!! You can pu

These are my partners most favourite cookie. I think these caused him to fall in love with me! A few of our friends love these and always request them. T

The other day I posted my honey version of Teeny Teddies and had many requests for a chocolate version. I have played around quite a bit and finally pe

I was watching the TV show "Recipes to Riches" a few weeks back and saw the lady that made the biscuit dough and froze it into portions. What a g

Rosemary Garlic Crackers

Originally posted to our Facebook page 12th December 2013. I wish the photo showed how delicious these are. They are right up there with the Mars Bar Balls I

Success! This recipe has taken me over 6 months to perfect. I have finally mastered the texture that I was hoping to create and something the kiddies d

If I could eat cheesecake for breakfast I would. I LOVE cheesecake. The "no bake" cheesecakes are so quick and simple. I usually just stick to my kitchenaid mix

Originally posted to our Facebook page 23rd November 2013. Don't worry! Not everything will be Passionfruit today. I have some beauty products to whip up t

Originally posted to our Facebook Page 15th October 2013. This is my go to recipe along with shortbread at Christmas time. They are extremely quick and

These are far too easy! They make great Christmas or Easter gifts packaged up but are also great to keep in the fridge in a nice bowl for when unexpect

One thing I love about Christmas is the abundance of shortbread in the shops and made by friends and family. I've now mastered it and can enjoy it all year roun

Originally posted to our Facebook page 23rd November 2013. Ok so my presentation and photography skills are pitiful but these look impressive don't you think

The other night I posted my Apricot Fruit Bars and I had a few requests for other flavours. I was going to hold off on posting these for a few weeks as I though

This Honey Jumbles recipe comes from the very first issue of The 4 Blades Magazine released November 2014. This is one of my most favourite creations so have

Another variation on the Chocolate Balls I posted the other day. All you need to do is add about 8 (or more if you like) diced dried apricots to the mix befo

These are so quick and easy to make for a last minute BBQ or party snack. I have used store bought pastry for these but you can certainly use a tmx puff past