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I have to keep reminding myself that if he wanted to talk to me, then he would.

So True!!! Happens all the time to me at work!!!

"sometimes when I'm walking, I try to keep my feet in the little square tiles" haha ocd ever since i was little!

Not so much that I am too lazy, more like I am ticked off that you didn't pay attention the frist time around...

I do this all the time. I'll look at Ryan and say, "Look you can see him breathing!" Then in my head, well duh, of course you can, he is alive in real life!

You would think that I would make a playlist of what I actually want to listen to, but that would require me not being lazy...

I also practice what I would say to a particular person if we got into an argument. Example: "If he/she says this, then I'll say the following..."

I think i finally get this shit...... 'Adulthood' is mostly about being tired and wishing you hadn't made plans.

The solution to a bad hair day is to wear a low cut blouse.

I think about my past, present, and future. Well, I mostly think about the future. And being an actress.

Or why some animals are named after other animals... Like "Spider crab" and "Crab spider"... Porcupine fish... I mean, what if those other animals didn't exist? What would they be called?!