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Types of Lines and Angles Activity



Math Journal Sundays ... Kicked Up A Notch

Awesome hands math journals site with all kinds of ideas for many ages.

One of the best ways to teach students about benchmarks with fractions is using a number line. Once students master the placements of these fractions, they can start working on adding fractions, subtracting and eventually can use multiplication and division with these. This hits areas with learners that are helpful.


Line Study: Take 2!

Lines / Geometry Anchor Chart. Good visual to include in math journal, too.

Ways to show multiplication activity - I did this last year, the kids loved it

Pretzels and Gumdrops 3D Geometry Shapes Snack Fun! We had so much fun with this today! I found this idea on Pinterest, but I'm not sure who to credit it to. Let me know if it's you!


Multiplying Fractions

Multiplying Fractions Anchor Chart

Math anchor charts can provide a source of visual reference to support student thinking, reasoning and problem solving.

I'm not one for charts, but these divisible techniques might be helpful when we get there. 'Course, that's totally something Right Start Math might teach, anyway.