Can you smell the ocean air?

Stacked Sea Treasures,we went to Pottery Barn,several years ago,they had wonderful,washed white candle stands, and the candles were in different sea shells molds. Needless to say,we spent moree than we had planned but it's still beautiful.....yeah yeah


Shells on the beach


the beach loves you

I used to buy conch shells from little kids who rowed out to our boat when we were anchored at Anguilla

Seashells from Sanibel, Florida (one of my old stompin grounds) #sea #ocean #beach


~Cream & Sugar Cottage~

Going Coastal - what a great sign!

to the ocean with hubby for our 20th anniversary. we've never been to the ocean/beach together!!

Experiencing the beaches of the Seychelles is on our boomer bucket list.

Starfish and Sea Urchins


Love the beach!!!

o que o mar dá.... Love!!!

The Beach! The roar of the waves, the smell of the salty air. the sun, the sand, the breeze off the ocean, the rise and fall of the dancing waves ......

Waves and Sand.

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