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I’m a bit of a hoarder. Shocker, right? Horses, dogs, DIY potential projects, and grooming supplies. Recently, I went away for a wedding and found a tack shop near the hotel. So naturally, I stocked up on the newest bathing and grooming supplies. But what happens when the dirt, gunk, hair, and general nastiness that …

Awesome a pink round pen!!!

more important than my horse...never.

Very true

"What did the mama horse say to the baby horse?"♥ Pinned with gratitude by www.DressageWaika....

I hope everyone has a wonderful holiday and is able to spend it with some of those important people (and/or critters) in their lives.

Ride a draft horse--it'll make your butt look smaller! #Horse #Funny

From this day forward, in sickness and in health, for blue ribbons or vet bills, I now pronounce you horse poor. You may kiss your money goodbye.

Horse Tack Closet Plans | Tack Box - by Grantman @ ~ woodworking community

BITS, BITS, BITS! Check out this in-depth tool BITOLOGY to help horse owners learn more about which bit is right for them.

Coconut Oil for Horses - Top 10 Uses. I will have to do some more reading up on this but sounds interesting.

X-Ray Visiont, How to Look Inside a Hoof Great post to help you assess and learn more about proper foot shape and function!

Hahahahaha freaking pepi

"For the last time...there is not a plastic bag hiding under your bed!" #HorseComic

Indoor arena with ridge skylight and chandeliers

Dream big!

SleekEz grooming tool. I need this for shedding season! Tired of buying grooming blocks.

None of which, we could actually ever afford...

Haha horse humor, I just died laughing

Absolute dedication

by Rex Crawford, amazing spurs....

Blue Brabant Draft Horse

Things I wish I could tell non horse people