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Seaplane with Wahini painting by Jay Topping

So I've heard from a LOT of people, for a LONG time, saying they just want a TSY t-shirt that says THE SELVEDGE YARD and doesn't say FUCK, or TRAMP all over it... I'm thinking old gold on black, and call it a day. Does this do it? #keepitclassy

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Cats seem pretty apathetic about a lot of things. You might think music is one of them. But according to a new study, it's not that cats don't care about music – it's that they don't care about YOUR music. So what kind of music do cats appreciate? We're so glad you asked.

In the texting era, symbols may say more than the words around them (or, at least, we think they do).


The author takes an alpaca to the drugstore. There’s a lot of confusion about what emotional-support animals can legally do.

We've become so rich that we have forgotten something that is well within living memory: Americans used to have much, much less.

Atchafalaya Baptist Missions

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An established code, a womans law that 'every girl should follow'? Bits and pieces have been nabbed from dotted groups and edited to establish an o...

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