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  • Traci O'Brian

    You know you're desperate for a chocolate fix when you find yourself raiding your baking supplies for semi-sweet chocolate morsels. | Somewhat Topical Ecard

  • Jen Kramm

    Many bags of chocolate chips intended for cookies have met this fate at my house...

  • Kelli B

    I'm not the only one. Really bad night when I dipped graham crackers in cool whip and raided my baking supplies to put chocolate chips on top

  • Hannah Speck

    And then your mother gets upset with you for eating all the chocolate chips. Story of my life.

  • Katie

    I'm totally ok admitting I've done this. 5 chocolate chips? Done, I'll take it

  • Kelly Olson

    I microwave a handful (or 2) of chocolate chips and a scoop of peanut butter. Don't judge.

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That is the truest thing I've ever read.

Whatever did we do with ourselves before our lives became so Pinteresting?

Social skills fail... This happens to me all the time. When someone says, "Hello!" And then i say, "Good! Thank you!"... -facepalm-

OMG If it looks like a science experiment gone wrong I just toss the entire thing!

So true. This is how I feel when I think of all the preparation that goes into getting myself and children ready to leave the house.

Sometimes I fantasize about a world where I'm in charge, chocolate makes you skinny, and everything is always 75% off.

Funny Reminders Ecard: Growing up i always thought that quicksand was going to be a much bigger problem than it turned out to be.

I missed the memo that said we ladies are now expected not only to hold down jobs but also to knit, craft, and bake from scratch again all while having washboard abs.

Doesn't that make you crazy? I always want to say "well,if you had paid attention,you would have seen that when I pinned it..but noooo,now you have pinned it from someone else's board. But whatever" hahaaha :)

Funny Cry for Help Ecard: Actually I'm pretty sure chocolate tastes as good as skinny feels.