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Jessica Florence is a aspiring photographer who take shots of her pets in a very cute manner. She does a great job humanizing the rats, giving them a lovable personality.

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The harvest mouse surveys his land: Britain's smallest rodent uses straw as stilts to look out for signs of danger

by Matt Binstead (I'm not sure what he would call it but I'm thinking "Ninja Mouse Snacks Between Ass Kickings")


This is a Dumbo Rat - You can tell because they have the rounded ears.They are very smart and loveable. her name was Bear because she looked like a little mini bear.

so cute but i have one question.....what instrument is that?

Saxophone-player: Photo by Photographer Ellen van Deelen

Beautiful rattie ...

Looking for a new pet? You may quickly assume you want a cat or a dog. But, have you ever considered a rat? Surprisingly, rats actually do make good pets.


Funny pictures about Eating is tiresome. Oh, and cool pics about Eating is tiresome. Also, Eating is tiresome photos.

The Ratatouille  Meet Adorable Marty, The Most Photogenic Rat That Ever Lived • Page 3 of 6 • BoredBug

The Ratatouille Meet Adorable Marty, The Most Photogenic Rat

Coolest White Owl Ever!    www.whiteninglightning.com

One day, an owl landed on a skateboard that was left outside, and the owl stayed on as the board moved. Brian saw that the owl was enjoying the skateboard experience and so he bought the owl his own miniature board.

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