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Keitel, Hitler, and Speer observing the field during a weapons demonstration, circa 6 Apr 1943.

A crew of British sailors prepare a German mine for destruction. Thousands of these mines were laid in the English Channel and other shipping lanes, usually attached to chains and held under the waterline. The points are fuses that would cause the mine to explode once a ship hit it. Occasionally a mine would break away from its mooring. These turned up for years after the war.

The man in the much publicized Holocaust photo has been only recently identified as Rabbi Moshe Hegerman, the Rabbi of Olkusz in Poland. Brought to the town square for execution he asked to let him say first Kaddish for his slain brethren. The soldiers laughed while watching him praying and then killed him.

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[Photo] Adolf Hitler shaking Wilhelm Keitel's hand, 9 Mar 1941

Adolf Hitler shaking Wilhelm Keitel's hand, 9 Mar 1941. Keitel is carrying his field marshal's baton.

On 22 June 1941, Adolf Hitler launched Operation Barbarossa, Germany’s invasion of the Soviet Union. What followed was a war of annihilation, a horrific clash of totalitarianism, and the most destructive war in history.